Safety and Environmental

Tallulah Gas Storage (TGS) will design, construct, test, operate, and maintain the proposed facilities in accordance with the Federal Department of Transportation Pipeline Safety Standards (49 CFR Part 192) designed to ensure public protection and to prevent natural gas facility accidents.

TGS’s underground caverns are being solution mined using water withdrawn from raw water supply wells completed in the Mississippi River Alluvial Acquifer that TGS will drill. These wells were constructed and are operating in compliance with regulations of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, Office of Public Works.  Brine created in the solution mining process has and will continue to be disposed of through brine disposal wells that  will be drilled, completed and operated in compliance with requirements of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Office of Conservation.   

Throughout cavern development and at cavern completion, TGS will confirm each cavern’s shape by sonar imaging and will test each cavern for mechanical integrity before gas is injected.  

As part of its safety program, TGS will:

  • Develop an Emergency Response Plan and coordinate same with local fire, police, and other agencies.
  • Establish a continuing education program to enable customers, the public, government officials, and those engaged in excavation activities to recognize a natural gas pipeline emergency and report it to appropriate public officials.
  • Regularly monitor wells, review procedures for identifying an emergency event, and establish emergency communication protocols with local fire, police, and public officials.
  • Design facilities to be automated and capable of remote operation.  Design will include necessary monitoring and shutdown devices to ensure safe and efficient operation of the equipment and facilities. 
  • Have local operations staff on site to perform daily station checks and maintenance functions. Flow rates, pressures, temperatures, and other key operational data will be monitored and controlled from the site. A remote monitoring well will be used to monitor for cavern leakage or spillage.