Open Season

Open Season Notice

April 1, 2015 - March 31, 2016  

East Cheyenne Gas Storage,LLC

East Cheyenne Gas Storage, LLC (ECGS) will be conducting a non-binding open season for firm gas storage capacity beginning April 1st, 2015 to March 31, 2016, with non-binding bid response forms due by Friday, October 31, 2014 at 5 PM MST.

ECGS, a natural gas storage facility owned by Merchant Energy Holdings, LLC, is directly interconnected with Trailblazer Pipeline and has access to CIG, WIC, and REX at the Cheyenne Hub. Working gas capacity is growing an incremental 2 Bcf from 8 Bcf in 2014 to 10 Bcf in 2015. ECGS is a FERC-regulated gas storage facility that has the capability to serve the Front Range and Midwest markets along with the growing Niobrara production volumes sourced at the Cheyenne Hub. The facility is located in Logan County, Colorado and is approximately 90 miles east of the Cheyenne Hub. ECGS is the only market-based gas storage facility capable of serving the Front Range market and began commercial operations in April 2012.

ECGS is offering via this open season the incremental 2 BCF of working gas capacity and up to 4 BCF of firm, multi-cycle (HDMC) working gas storage capacity beginning April 1, 2015.

By submitting the ECGS Non-Binding Bid Response Form, the party submitting the Form is making a non-binding expression of interest for firm storage capacity in ECGS. The bids received on the Non-Binding Response Form will be used by ECGS to approach prospective customers to negotiate a binding Precedent or Storage Agreement. Each bidding party may submit more than one Non-Binding Bid Response Form commensurate with the services request.

ECGS reserves the right, without qualification, to reject any and all bids for capacity offered during this Open Season and to modify this Open Season procedure in any way during the Open Season period. Bidders who submit bids do so without recourse against East Cheyenne Gas Storage, LLC and its parent Merchant Energy Holdings, LL.C

A complete bid package can be found, click here.