Facility Details

East Cheyenne started commercial operations in April 2012. The high cycle facility utilizes two depleted reservoirs, known as West Peetz and Lewis Creek. The facility provides natural gas storage services to meet the existing peak day and load growth needs in markets throughout the Midwest and Western U.S. As certificated, the proposed West Peetz storage area would have a total working gas capacity of 22.5 billion cubic feet (Bcf). The facility will have a maximum injection capability of 350 MMCFD and a maximum withdrawal capability of 350 MMCFD at full build-out.

Capabilities for East Cheyenne Gas Storage include:

  • Two depleted reservoirs in NE Colorado with 20+ Bcf of working gas capacity: West Peetz and Lewis Creek fields < 1 mile apart
  • Final injection capacity of 350 MMCFD and withdrawal capacity of 350 MMCFD into interstate pipeline grid:
    • Current compression brings injection/withdrawal capacity to over 200 MMCFD and provide expansion of working gas capacity to 15.3 BCF at West Peetz
    • Trailblazer Pipeline Company – connected
    • Potential - Rockies Express Pipeline, KMIGT, CIG, Xcel, Southern Star and Cheyenne Plains
  • FSS and Hub Service inventory and transactional activity
  • Capable of providing 3-4 turn service based on market needs
  • East Cheyenne is FERC certificated as a market-rate based natural gas storage facility.
  • West Peetz reservoir performing above expectations
    • Higher permeability, less produced water indicate faster capacity development
  • Regulatory and operation Status:
    • Aug 2010- Received FERC 7c certificate
    • Jan 2011- Received State of Colorado APCD permit
    • April 2011 - Received FERC Notice-To-Proceed
    • April 2012 – Commenced commercial operations