Our Partners

Quantum Energy Partners

Quantum NGS Holdings, LLC is a founding partner of Midstream Energy Holdings, LLC and is a partnership between Quantum Energy Partners and Dr. Larry Bickle dedicated to investments in the natural gas storage industry.  Quantum Energy Partners is a leading investment firm specializing in the energy industry with over $5.7 billion in capital under management.  Between its various investment funds under management, Quantum expects to invest more than $1.0 billion of capital in the oil and gas midstream sector.  Furthermore, Quantum has the financial wherewithal to support the full cycle development of a natural gas storage project from the prospect generation phase through to commercial operation.
Founded in 1998 by Wil VanLoh, Toby Neugebauer and A.V. Jones, Jr., Quantum seeks to partner with proven and successful management teams whose companies have sustainable competitive advantages within well-defined segments of the energy industry.  Quantum’s investment team is unique among energy-focused and generalist private equity funds in that it is comprised of individuals from the major financial, technical, operational, and professional disciplines needed to properly evaluate and understand the risks and opportunities associated with investments in the energy industry.  In addition, Quantum seeks to be a value-added partner once an investment has been made and to assist each portfolio company to build real, long-term value.  These combined skill sets have enabled Quantum to realize one of the best investment track records among all private equity funds active today. 

Andy Lang

Andy Lang is a founding partner of Midstream Energy Holdings, LLC and is Chairman of the Midstream Energy Holdings Board. Prior to Midstream Energy Holdings, LLC  Mr. Lang served as President of Somerset Gas Transmission Co., a privately held company which owns an intrastate natural gas pipeline in Ohio and other assets in the Appalachian Basin. From 2002 until 2009, Mr. Lang was responsible for the operation of the company’s gas pipeline, the acquisition of several add-on systems and adjoining lateral gas transmission pipelines, and the development of new pipeline projects.

Prior midstream experience also includes serving as CEO of NiSource Inc.‘s subsidiary TPC Corporation (Tejas Power, which owned a majority interest in and operated Market Hub Partners, a gas storage business). Mr. Lang was responsible for the operation, marketing activities and ongoing expansion of the natural gas storage facilities at Moss Bluff and Egan. He was also responsible for the early development of a new gas storage project in Tioga County, PA. He also served as President and CEO of Vastar Gas Marketing Inc., a subsidiary of ARCO spin-off Vastar Resources, Inc. and of ARCO Gas, ARCO’s gas marketing business. Mr. Lang also was the Director of Transportation for Tennessee Gas Pipeline.

Larry Bickle

Larry Bickle is a founding partner of Midstream Energy Holdings, LLC.  Prior to Midstream Energy Holdings, LLC, Dr. Bickle was the Co-founder and Managing Director for Haddington Ventures, LLC. HVLLC is a private equity investment management firm that was responsible for the successful development of LODI Gas Storage in California and the Bobcat Gas Storage Project in Louisiana.  Prior to his time at Haddington, he was Co-founder and Chairman of Market Hub Partners. Anchored by its flagship operations at Moss Bluff and Egan Gas Storage, Market Hub Partners has been recognized as a world leader in origination, development and HDSS operations. Mr. Bickle was also Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Tejas Power Corp (formerly NYSE:TPC). It was at Tejas that Mr. Bickle was instrumental in developing the concept of “market hubs” to the natural gas transportation grid.