About Us

On July 19, 2013 Merchant Energy Holdings, LLC changed its name to Midstream Energy Holdings, LLC to better reflect the company's expanding focus on midstream energy infrastructure.

Midstream Energy Holdings, LLC is focused on developing, operating and acquiring midstream assets in the United States with an emphasis on high-deliverability, multi-cycle natural gas storage. The company was formed following the combination of Quantum NGS Holdings' (a portfolio company of Quantum Energy Partners) two midstream asset development entities - Icon NGS, LLC and Merchant Energy Partners, LLC.

Midstream Energy Holdings, LLC identifies strategic supply and market locations where it can develop greenfield midstream assets that provide strategic additions to the energy infrastructure in the United States. For storage facilities, Midstream Energy Holdings, LLC is active from the concept stage through commercial operations as well as evaluates the acquisition of in-process greenfield storage development projects and operating storage facilities that have significant expansion potential or can be operationally improved.